Santiago Ulloa Featured on CNN: Insights on the Global Financial Situation

WE Family Offices Managing Partner Santiago Ulloa was recently interviewed by Jose Antonio Montenegro on the CNN Globo Economia program.

In the interview, he discussed the global financial situation, focusing on the temperature in the various major global financial markets. After a negative 2018, there has been a significant recovery of the global stock markets in the last five months, but we may be coming to an end. Macroeconomic data is very positive in the United States but worse in Europe and Latin America. The tariff war between the U.S. and China can have negative consequences producing a global economic slowdown and greater uncertainty. The U.S. is engaged in a war that is more geopolitical than economic as China attempts to reposition itself as a major economic power in the XXI Century.

According to Ulloa, more volatility is expected in the coming months, both in the stock and bond markets. A potential cut in U.S. interest rates at the end of the year may provide greater stability to the financial markets. Our recommendation stands firm: use prudence, reduce risk positions, hold short-term treasury bonds and wait for opportunities in both public and private markets.