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WE Family Offices at a Glance

  • WE Family Offices was founded in 2000 as TBK Investments and was subsequently purchased by a major bank holding company. In 2013 the executive management team reclaimed the firm’s independence and created WE Family Offices, a new independent, fee-only fiduciary firm.
  • As of Dec 31, 2017, WE Family Offices advises or reports on more than $9 billion in assets.
  • We currently work with about 70 families in the U.S. and abroad.
  • We currently have more than 40 staff members, with a client to employee ratio of approximately 1:1.5.

WE Family Offices is an independent, fee-only fiduciary firm. This means

  • We are bound to put our client’s interests first, ahead of our own.
  • We are paid only by our clients, with a simple, transparent advisory fee that removes any actual or potential conflicts of interest that arise from sales-based compensations.
  • Our independence from any financial services firm, bank or broker allows us to assess our clients’ needs, then make recommendations and help them find the financial services products and services that are right for them, without any sales agenda.

How We Work

Our advocacy for families is founded on each of our professional’s deep experience working both at and with the world’s largest financial institutions. This gives our firm the technical expertise to address your family’s broad financial picture, plus a sophisticated understanding of the inner workings of the large financial companies.

We make sure your family’s providers are working towards the best interests of your family in a highly cost-effective way.

Three core tenets form the foundation for everything we do:

  1. WE Family Offices is a committed advocate for your family’s long-term interests.
  2. WE is an independent advisory firm. We have no financial interest in selling you products, meaning there are no hidden sales agendas or conflicts of interests.
  3. WE is on your family’s side, and no one else’s.
Three Core Tenants
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