WE Family Offices Supports Program That Gives Investors Access to Advisors Committed to the Fiduciary Standard

Real Fiduciary™ Practices Affirmation Program

Amid regulatory uncertainty WE Family Offices supports of the Real Fiduciary™ Practices Affirmation Program launched by the Institute for the Fiduciary Standard. Through this program, investors can search for advisors who are committed to putting clients first and to adhering to the fiduciary standard of service.

Identifying fiduciary advisors has become increasingly important. The Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule status and the SEC’s advice standards remain uncertain.

“This program is about helping investors identify a group of advisors who have essentially said, “we think client interests should come first, regardless of the regulatory back-and-forth and Washington’s reluctance to protect investors,” said Michael Zeuner, founding member of The Institute for the Fiduciary Standard and managing partner of WE Family Offices. “Not only adhering to but clearly communicating these best practices is an important step an advisor can take to differentiate themselves and build trust with their clients, regardless of the outcome of the Fiduciary Rule.”

By seeking advisors who participate in the Real Fiduciary™ Practices Affirmation Program, investors can locate advisors who have committed to providing advice free from hidden fees or conflicted interests. By participating in the program, advisors are actively demonstrating a commitment to acting in their clients’ best interests, regardless of the status of the Fiduciary Rule, or any other regulatory action or inaction.

The Real Fiduciary™ Practices Affirmation Program is based on the Institute’s Real Fiduciary™ Practices and defines tasks that are not required by other advisor groups to ensure truly client-focused service. Advisors who participate in the Affirmation Program commit to adhering to these best practices on their website and in their disclosures filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (known as the Form ADV).