WE serves families as an outsourced family office, as an extension of their family office, or by managing special mandates and projects for families as needed. As fiduciary advisors, our clients’ interests come first, and our service offering is tailored to meet the specific needs of every family with whom we work.

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WE Stands for Wealth Enterprise®

Over our decades of working with some of the world’s wealthiest families, we’ve observed the families who successfully sustain their wealth across multiple generations – that is, enjoy, grow and ensure it benefits family members – manage the family wealth as they would a business enterprise. Helping families do just that is so foundational to our firm that it is in our name: WE stands for wealth enterprise®.

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A Family Office Company

Whether WE supports your single-family office for special projects, serves as an extension of your family office, or helps to start your family office, we can tailor our services to fit your needs. Generally, these engagements provide support for family offices in three areas:

  • Wealth enterprise® mapping
  • Family governance + education
  • Assessment + action plan
  • Ecosystem of advisors
  • Estate + tax planning
  • Investment planning
  • Special projects
  • Philanthropy/impact

  • Asset allocation + portfolio construction
  • Investment sourcing, due diligence + recommendation
  • Fee evaluation, negotiation + quality control
  • Oversight + market updates
  • Private market investments
  • Values-aligned investments
  • Data aggregation + reporting
  • Sources + uses of cash

  • Transaction reconciliation
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