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Wealth Enterprise

Successful businesses operate with detailed succession plans, governance structures, complete financial statements and active leadership to strategically manage the company day to day, year after year. Why should a wealthy family operate differently?

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Do You Need a Family Office?

Over our decades of working with some of the world’s wealthiest families, we’ve observed the families who successfully sustain their wealth across multiple generations – that is, enjoy, grow and ensure it benefits family members – manage the family wealth as they would a business enterprise. They create a wealth enterprise.

Our work can be broken down in three main aspects of your financial life:

Role Transition: Are You Ready to Take the Lead?

In our work with wealthy families, we often find a natural division of labor in which the husband manages the family’s wealth enterprise, making most of the major financial decisions for the family.

In many cases, this division of labor works well…until the primary decision-maker is unable to manage the financial affairs of the family.

Read our latest commentary to learn more about how women who have taken a passive role in the family’s finances can prepare to become a confident CEO of the family’s wealth enterprise.

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We play three primary
roles in our work
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Our work starts with you.
We address real-life issues that deeply impact your wealth.


We serve as an outsourced family office for an UHNW family.

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We serve as an extension of an existing Single Family Office.

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We conduct special projects and diagnostics for UHNW families.

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