Challenges We Address

We play three primary roles in our work with clients

  • We serve as an outsourced family office for an UHNW family.
  • We serve as an extension of an existing single family office.
  • We conduct special projects and diagnostics for UHNW families.

Our work starts with you.

We address real-life issues that deeply impact your wealth.


Our work can be broken down in three main aspects of your financial life:

  • Who are we as a family?
  • What is our overall strategy and mission?
  • What are our core principles and values?
  • How do we make decisions and what roles do different family members play?
  • What are our plans for succession and preparation of the next generation?
  • What do we own and how do we own it?

  • What does our network of providers look like?
  • How does this network align with what we are trying to accomplish and how we want to make decisions?
  • Do we have the right set of providers? Are we buying only the products and services we need, at the right price?
  • What does the big picture of our investments look like? Is it aligned with our objectives?
  • Are our estate planning structures up to date and in line with the overall strategy?

  • How are we progressing towards our objectives?
  • How are our investments performing?
  • Is our overall net-worth increasing? Or decreasing?
  • Do we have the right investments?
  • Is our asset allocation right?
  • How much are we paying – all in – for our wealth management services?
  • Is everything we are doing aligning with our objectives and our plan?
  • Do we have the right risk management tools in place?
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