Richard Zimmerman Speaks at Virtual Family Office Investment Symposium

WE Family Offices Senior Advisor Richard Zimmerman was a featured speaker at the Opal Group’s 2020 Virtual Family Office Investment Symposium, which took place on Thursday, August 6. This virtual conference brought together leading family office professionals from around the globe to discuss what has happened in the current financial investment marketplace since the outbreak of COVID-19 as it pertains to family offices and their investments.

As an accomplished speaker in the impact investing arena who has extensive experience helping some of the world’s wealthiest families align their values to their investments, Zimmerman moderated a panel titled, “Creating an Impact Portfolio: Total Portfolio Construction Strategies.” During the panel, Zimmerman answered many concerns affecting family offices about impact investing and portfolio construction, including:

  • How can you get portfolios to profitably reflect client personal values?
  • Does the “returns trade-off” perception still exist?
  • How do impact investments perform financially?
  • How do you generate a competitive return with impact investments?
  • When setting up a policy framework, what criteria should be taken into consideration?
  • Is there a need for an ESG/impact officer in a team, and what skills are required?
  • How can you measure social impact with big data analytics?
  • What are the next frontiers in impact investing?
  • What are the most effective ROI strategies for impact investments?

More information about the Opal Virtual Family Office Investment Symposium, including conference details, speakers and the agenda, is available here.