Mel Lagomasino Discusses the Importance of Alignment on Rosemont’s Global Investment Leaders Podcast

Empowerment is rare in the wealth management industry, and yet it is woven into the fabric of WE’s culture and forms the foundation of our business. In a recently recorded Global Investment Leaders podcast episode, WE CEO Mel Lagomasino explains how being aligned with and empowering families leads to more successful and sustainable family wealth. 

During this episode, Lagomasino draws upon her impressive career experience before founding WE Family Offices and shares insights on serving families as a family office company, specifically explaining:

  • Lagomasino’s personal connection to helping international families protect and sustain their wealth over generations and how that personal mission contributed to her co-founding WE Family Offices
  • What makes WE Family Offices’ business model unique and how the firm’s alignment with the clients they serve makes them “missionaries not mercenaries”
  • How the firm first helps a family identify their values and then invest in a way that expresses those values, whether the focus be climate, gender, education, or negative screening to avoid fossil fuels, all without compromising returns
  • How those who invest through a values-lens are often more engaged with their portfolios

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