Values-Aligned Investing

Now more than ever, families are seeking to align their financial and non-financial goals – a practice commonly known as responsible investing or Values-Aligned Investing. Values-Aligned Investing looks beyond the traditional financial measures of an investment and evaluates how to integrate environmental, social and governance factors into an investment philosophy.

WE’s approach to Values-Aligned Investing helps a family become more connected to their investment portfolio by incorporating their family values into their portfolio investment strategy. For example, a family may care about education, healthcare, diversity, or clean energy, so we consider the best companies and investments in these areas for their portfolio.

Just as values vary from family to family, there are several ways to approach values-aligned investing:

  • A Values-Aligned strategy can be incorporated at an overall portfolio level, or in specific asset classes, depending of the availability of solutions and family preference.
  • Values-Aligned Investing solutions exist both in the public and private markets, domestically and globally, and via passive or active management. 
  • Investment solutions are also available for very specific areas of interest or values via thematic investing.

“Identifying and incorporating a family’s values into their investment strategy can be an impactful experience,” says Michael Zeuner. “Not only does it create a meaningful connection between the investor and their portfolio, but it can also generate impactful returns – both financially and socially or environmentally.”

To learn more about Values Aligned Investing, read our recent white paper, or see our recent articles in the Miami Herald and South Florida Business Journal.


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