Richard Zimmerman Speaks at Virtual ESG Investment Forum

Known for his expertise in ESG and impact investing, WE Family Offices Advisor Richard Zimmerman will offer his insights at the Opal Group’s Virtual ESG Investment Forum on July 8, 2020.

Industry experts from around the globe will gather virtually for this event to discuss and explore the methods, processes and nuances of integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into the investment selection process. The Virtual ESG Investment Forum will bring together corporations, asset management companies, private wealth investors and institutional investors with a passion and knowledge for ESG and impact investing.

This conference marks Zimmerman’s fourth sustainable investing conference and first virtual speaking engagement of 2020. As a seasoned speaker in the ESG space, Zimmerman will discuss the topic of Climate Risk and the Capital Markets as a part of an expert panel. Other topics to be covered at this event include:

  • The Current State of ESG Investing
  • Integrating ESG Into Your Investment Policy
  • Corporate Purpose and ESG Investing
  • ESG Investment Strategies Across Asset Classes
  • The Role of Data Gathering and Risk Management in Your ESG Portfolio
  • How ESG Investing and Stewardship Affects Investment Outcomes
  • Manager Selection with ESG Consideration
  • Investing in a Better World: The Role of Asset Owners in Encouraging Good Governance and Shaping Sustainable Business Practices

To learn more about the Opal Group’s Virtual ESG Investment Forum, click here. To register to hear Zimmerman speak at this event, click here.