Michael Zeuner Discusses Private Investing Strategies on Virtual Panel

Private investments, unlike their public counterparts, often come with challenges associated with their ongoing management. WE Family Offices Managing Partner Michael Zeuner recently offered his expertise on the operational opportunities and challenges of private investing during iownit Private Talks’ virtual panel. During this interactive discussion, Zeuner and his fellow speakers discussed:

  • How technology can improve to more efficiently support the operation and administration of private investments
  • Why networking, sourcing and diligence of investments is not affected by lagging technology
  • Factors that drive families to invest in private securities and the questions to ask before making this important decision
  • The role liquidity plays in decision-making regarding private investments and how this type of investing is a long-term commitment
  • The difficult process of price discovery in the private markets
  • The specific elements to look for when conducting due diligence on a potential investment
  • The importance of not relying on marketplaces for private deals due to their allegiance to the seller over the buyer

One of the most important points Zeuner had for families during this virtual discussion was that while private investing can yield premium results when done correctly, it can be an incredibly complex and difficult task. It is essential to ensure that families have the proper amount of liquidity, tolerance and the ability to conduct adequate due diligence before making this long-term commitment.

Watch the entire iownit Private Talks featuring Michael Zeuner here.



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