Podcast: The Alternative Asset Playbook for Family Offices


Earlier this year, Matt Farrell, senior investment manager and head of private investing at WE Family Offices, published a 2023 Outlook for Alternative Assets to help family offices navigate alternatives and help them better understand how to utilize them in portfolios to safeguard wealth. Now, as volatility in traditional asset classes persists, Farrell is joined by WE’s managing partner Michael Zeuner for an insightful discussion that dives further into this new age of alternatives and our playbook for asset allocation in this space.

Some of the topics Farrell and Zeuner specifically address include:

  • An overview of alternative assets
  • Why family offices should consider alternatives in their asset allocation strategies
  • The correlation between alternatives and traditional asset classes
  • How the inclusion of alternative investments can help reduce the risk profile of portfolios
  • The differences between the private investment and hedge fund markets
  • Specific opportunities in the private investment and hedge fund spaces
  • Where to be cautious in the alternative investment market before allocating

Overall, amidst the challenging macro backdrop, Farrell and Zeuner believe it is time to go on the offensive when it comes to your portfolio. Allocating to alternative asset classes can grant families not only the opportunity to protect their wealth enterprise but help it grow. As always, if you have any questions about alternative assets or anything else discussed during this podcast, please do not hesitate to contact us.