Julie Neitzel Comments to Miami Today on Navigating the Stock Market Surge

The recent stock market surge is making headlines and has everyone asking: is this the top? And if not, how long will it last? Julie Neitzel, partner at WE Family Offices, addressed this frequent topic of conversation in a recent article in Miami Today.

“Recent stock market history has shown valuations are highly subjective and overvalued markets can get even more overvalued before a bull market ends,” she writes.

Despite the buzz, Neitzel recommends ignoring the noise and taking the long view when assessing the market.

“Pullbacks will occur in the stock market and they are difficult to predict,” she comments. “Therefore, having the proper asset allocation (i.e., mix of cash, bonds, stocks, etc.) from the start is an important component of achieving investment goals and avoiding capitulation in a bear-market environment, enabling one to stay an investment course,”

The full Miami Today article, including Neitzel’s recommendations for investors who want to benefit by not getting distracted by the current stock market noise, is available here.

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