WE Family Offices Speaks on Impact Investing at Upcoming Conferences

WE Family Offices Advisor Richard Zimmerman will be a featured speaker at two upcoming conferences this spring, focusing on a topic that is important to him and to the firm: impact investing.

On March 1, Zimmerman will join a panel discussion at Opal Group’s Family Office Winter Forum in New York City. Held in one of the world’s largest financial capitals, this event offers families and financial managers a day of interactive panel discussions about family governance, alternatives, and impact investing. He will be speaking on the segment titled Breaking Down ESG/SRI Strategies, which will examine ESG strategies from several perspectives. Panelists will answer questions like:

  • Is there real money being put to work?
  • What types of investors are investing with an ESG lens?
  • How does an investor implement an ESG strategy? Does one give up returns?
  • Are investment tradeoffs to be considered?
  • What are the practical considerations when implementing such a strategy across asset classes?

Zimmerman will also moderate a panel on “Portfolio Construction and Impact Investing: Crafting a Portfolio That is Tax Efficient and Aligns with your Values” on April 22 for the Opal Impact Investing Conference in Palm Beach, Florida. The discussion will address:

  • Aligning business and values
  • Building the case for impact in your portfolio
  • Does impact investing make sense for high-net-worth portfolios?
  • Does the “returns trade-off” perception still exist?
  • How do impact investments perform financially and how do you generate a competitive return?
  • How to help clients align their philanthropy and portfolio align with their values.
  • Alternative to traditional strategy plays.
  • Connecting assets to impact
  • How to get your portfolios to profitably reflect their values?

“I’m honored to have the opportunity to share my passion for impact investing and philanthropy with families and with other family offices,” says Zimmerman. “Aligning a families’ values with their portfolio is something we’ve done for a long time at our firm, and I’m thrilled to see that practice becoming more common across the industry.”

More information about the Family Office Winter Forum is available here, and more information about the Opal Impact Investing Conference is available here.


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