Our Approach

Our Approach

Our approach to building your wealth enterprise® has three phases:

Family Wealth
  • Holdings & Structures
  • Sources & Uses of Cash
  • Financial Provider Network
  • Structures & Wealth Transfer Plan
Family Dynamics
  • Family History
  • Communication Practices
  • Values
  • Governance & Decision-Making
  • Roles and Participation
  • Values Aligned Investment Goals
Family Wealth
  • Alignment of Investment Portfolio with Family Goals
  • Review Fee Structures from Outside Providers
  • Evaluate Risk
  • Work with your professional advisors to assess potential tax & estate planning issues
  • Enhance Provider Network Where Appropriate
Family Dynamics
  • Engage Family Members in Key Roles
  • Create Family Governance Structures
  • Enhance Financial Literacy
  • Establish/Enhance Communication Channels
  • Oversee Investment Strategy and Execution, Including Sourcing & Review of Managers
  • Consolidate Reporting, Cash Flow, Reporting, Review and Reconcile Transactions
  • Provide Family Governance Support to Help the Family Stay Engaged and Aligned
  • Engage Actively with network of providers
  • Re-evaluate and propose any necessary changes to estate plan
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