What is a wealth enterprise?

A wealth enterprise is formed when a family begins to think of and manage their wealth like a business. Over decades of working with families like yours, we have seen that families beat the odds and sustain their wealth by managing it as a professional endeavor, tapping into the same processes and best practices that were used to create the wealth in the first place.

To create a wealth enterprise, they:

  • Establish a clear purpose for their wealth and manage it with a long-term strategy
  • Have a clear understanding of everyone’s role involved in managing their wealth
  • Seek out and purchase, at the right price, the financial products that are right for them
  • Obtain robust reporting capability that allows them to measure progress
  • Establish effective decision-making processes, with transparent governance structures in place
  • Continually evaluate each provider’s effectiveness in managing their wealth

What does this mean for you? We help you build your wealth enterprise. Our guide Where Do I Start can help you to start thinking of your wealth as a business.

Three primary components of a Wealth Enterprise

We work with your family to identify and map the three primary areas in your family’s wealth enterprise.


These three areas must be managed to function together, with an awareness of how a decision about one area will impact the others. Your family is the center of the wealth enterprise, and each component is designed to function around your objectives and needs. As in any business, each of these areas must function together.

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