Richard Zimmerman Speaks on Climate-Aware Investing at ESG Events

Investors around the world are starting to build portfolios not solely around profits but also around impact through climate-aware investing. To help family offices understand how they can align portfolios around climate themes, WE Family Offices Senior Wealth Advisor Richard Zimmerman gave the keynote speech at a recent NC Climate Conversations meeting.

For this meeting, leading scientists, climate communications specialists and business and civic leaders come together twice a year to engage with a broad cross-section of the Triangle area of North Carolina community and discuss the realities of climate change in a virtual, interactive environment. The main discussion of the meeting, led by Zimmerman, was titled, “Climate Conversations: Climate-Aware Investing.”

During the presentation, Zimmerman explained the three big questions all family offices interested in climate-aware investing should ask themselves before integrating this concept into portfolios. These questions include:

  • Will climate change affect my investments, and should I have a climate-aware investment strategy?
  • What are the key investment risks for climate change and how can I mitigate them? What are the opportunities?
  • How do I create a climate-aware strategy?

Throughout the meeting, Zimmerman emphasized that the effects of climate change in the investment arena will continue to unfold over time. As a result, it is crucial for family offices to utilize climate-aware investing and to be prepared for shifts and evolutions to occur at varying degrees of timing, change, intensity and impact.

In addition to this NC Climate Conversations meeting, Zimmerman also lent his ESG portfolio-building expertise at two other recent climate-aware investing events:

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