Podcast – China’s Economic Conundrum: What Investors Need to Know

China, the world’s second-largest economy, is facing a severe economic slowdown with growing concerns in the real estate sector. While the slowdown first looked like an opportunity in a market with great promise, the mounting issues have some investors feeling wary.

In this episode of The Wealth Enterprise Briefing, WE Family Offices’ Managing Partner Michael Zeuner and Director of Macro Strategy Sam Sudame, CFA, CAIA, CFP, aim to sift through all the financial media noise surrounding China to paint an accurate picture of what investors need to know about its ever-evolving economic conundrum and its potential implications on portfolios.

Some of the specific topics addressed during this episode include:

  • An overview of China’s housing struggles and the renewed fears about financial stress in the real estate sector
  • How China’s government policies are impacting sectors and markets worldwide, creating both opportunities and challenges
  • How China is shifting its economic model from an economy driven by exports and property to one of greater domestic consumption
  • How Western investors can take advantage of emerging opportunities while mitigating material risks in China
  • The potential impacts of the growing tension between the U.S. and China on portfolios

Throughout their conversation, Zeuner and Sudame emphasize that while China’s problems may have already reached their peak, it is still an extremely volatile environment for investors. As a result, investors should invest cautiously and tactically, utilizing well-researched strategies. If you have any questions about how China may impact your unique portfolio, please do not hesitate to contact us.