Mel Lagomasino on Bloomberg TV: What Family Offices Needs to Know About A.I.

Whether an investor has a financial stake in artificial intelligence (A.I.) or not, it continues to be at the top of their minds. In light of the phenomenon, WE CEO Mel Lagomasino sat down with Bloomberg TV’s Ed Ludlow during the annual Sun Valley conference to offer insight into everything family offices need to know about investing in A.I.

According to Lagomasino, while A.I. may appear to be a new, trendy form of technology, it actually has been around for a long time. However, unlike in years past, recent modernizations have made these large language models available for companies of all sizes and industries in a more democratized manner. As a result, a majority of companies will likely try to utilize A.I. to become more productive, efficient and cost-effective.

“I think there’s a lot of expectation that this is going to create a much more efficient economy and it’s going to add to the GDP and everything else,” says Lagomasino. “But I think the hype is probably a little bit ahead of the results and I think it’s probably going to take some time.”

Despite this sentiment, Lagomasino remains optimistic about the potential benefits of A.I. for both the economy and investors in the U.S.

In addition to A.I., Lagomasino also shares why she believes there is a vast amount of opportunities for investors within the TMT (technology, media and telecommunications) space, her current outlook on the future of streaming and the possibility of an uptick in M&A in the banking sector in the near future.

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