Mel Lagomasino Featured on CNN: Investment Opportunities in Mature Economic Cycles

WE Family Offices Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner Mel Lagomasino was recently interviewed by Jose Antonio Montenegro on the CNN Globo Economia program.

During the interview, Lagomasino commented on investment opportunities in the economy’s current stage of uncertainty. As we continue to be in the longest economic cycle since the Second World War, and although there are still sectors where money can be made in this cycle, Lagomasino recommended prudent investing and risk reduction during this time.

Despite this, there are opportunities in investments with social impact, ESG and placing money in line with the social and cultural interests of clients. According to Lagomasino, this can be done well economically, while also doing the right thing for investors, employees, the environment and society in general.

The video of her interview on CNN en Español is available here.