Julie Neitzel Discusses Women’s Philanthropy with The New York Times

Over the last year, affluent families have been increasing their interest in donating to charitable organizations that focus on helping women and girls. Unfortunately, finding a philanthropic endeavor that can best accomplish the donor’s specific goals is no simple task. In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th, The New York Times spoke with WE Family Offices Partner and Advisor Julie Neitzel for insight on how families can select the right women’s organization for their philanthropic objectives.

According to Neitzel, while there are specific charities that support general women’s needs, some philanthropists may need to closely examine these organizations to ensure they are spending their money on causes that align with their specific goals.

“It’s all about raising awareness and understanding in allocating resources to women and girls – on the individual, community and national level,” she tells the publication. “It makes us better communities and corporate organizations.”

Neitzel shared the Miami Foundation, which creates grants in the community to organizations that support issues targeted at women and equity, and the National Associated of Corporate Directors, an organization that is helping women join more corporate boards, as two examples of organizations that specialize in women’s philanthropy.

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