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Very wealthy families like yours have a choice: establish your own family office or find a firm that can provide you with something similar at a fraction of the cost.  Or a combination of both.  At WE Family Offices, our focus is on our clients. We listen to you and create a plan for your family that fits your needs and bridges the different generations of your family. We work with guided by the preferences and parameters you set.  We work directly with you, or with your entire family – providing you and your family members the opportunity to engage in the way that benefits the family the most.


Our clients come in a variety of forms and fashions – from the ultra-high net worth investor looking for a custom investment plan to the multi-generational family searching for a way to educate and involve the next generation. Your ideas are welcome – we want you to be  engaged and constantly learning so that you know what you need to know to make the critical decisions that matter the most.

Through the decades of our working with families like yours, we have gained the insight and understanding to earn the trust of some of the wealthiest families in the world.  We understand you face challenges – with great wealth comes great responsibility – that’s what we are here for.

Have you recently sold your business?  We can help you discover what’s next. Inherited wealth? We can help you protect it. Do your children or grandchildren need a lesson or two in money management? We have the internal expertise and resources to manage whatever circumstances make your family unique.

Single Family Offices

Our service model is to customize our service to suit your family’s needs. Single Family Offices make incredible partners and the sharing of ideas and resources gives your family office what it needs to be successful. Do you need robust reporting capabilities? Not a problem. Do you need sophisticated manager research? Done. Management information systems? We have an extensive information technology infrastructure to accomplish whatever objectives you set. Family Governance. Wealth Planning. Investments. We work with you in whatever capacity you need.

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