What Can You Expect As Our Client?

Keeping You Engaged

WE stands for Wealth Enterprise®. But it also stands for us, working together with you. We work with you in the capacity that benefits you the most, and keep you involved and informed, to help you stay engaged in your family’s wealth management and constantly learning. Our goal is to engage your whole family – to prepare the next generation to manage your family’s wealth and continue its legacy.


It’s not about us – it’s about you. Education. Collaboration. Empowerment. Those are not just words – they are the way we work with you. We listen. We hear you. We create solutions centered around your needs and circumstances. We work with your providers. We understand your estate planning. We make it our business to help you to manage and direct your Every service we provide is tailored to your needs. Data aggregation. Consolidated reporting. Investments. Governance. Wealth planning. There is no one-size-fits-all and our strength lies in tailoring our services to fit your needs. Once we identify the areas of your wealth enterprise® that need support, we work with you to create solutions that are both cost effective and efficient; both short-term ready and long-term focused.

Learning With Others

We believe one of the best ways to learn is collaboration with others. Our clients have access to an elite network of like-minded families and professionals, and a safe environment in which to share experiences and collaborate. Comfort comes with knowing you are not the only one with challenges, and sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to ask a friend.

What Can You Expect?

  • A dedicated team of professionals aligned with your interests to facilitate your wealth enterprise®.
  • Execution and integration in all of your family’s wealth management activities.
  • To be engaged in the way that most benefits you and your family.
  • Enhanced effectiveness managing your family’s wealth enterprise® – its cost, coordination, relevance, and risks.
  • A complete infrastructure of family office services implemented in the way that works the best for you.

What It Costs: Our Fees

Our fee structure is simple: we are paid by you and only by you. Transparent. Simple. We are not paid any commissions or incentives by any manager, service provider, or financial firm. We do not charge ‘extra’ for this, or ‘more’ for that.

Since each family is different, each wealth enterprise® is unique – and as such, each family’s service is customized. Our preferred method of pricing is a retainer, or flat fee, and takes into account the specific nature of your wealth enterprise®.

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