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Alliance With MdF Family Partners

WE Family Offices and MdF Family Partners have entered into a strategic alliance to collaborate on servicing global wealthy families. Each firm remains an independent entity, but the alliance provides a path to share resources, networks and intellectual capital, giving both firms and their clients in the US, Latin America and Europe more breadth and depth of service.

MdF Family Partners, based in Madrid and with offices in Barcelona, Geneva and Mexico City, currently serves more than 25 families and advises on more than $1.5 billion.

Clients of each firm will continue to be advised as they always have, but will benefit from access to a deeper global investment platform and broader wealth planning services across multiple jurisdictions, including the United States, Latin America, The European Union, and Switzerland.

From MdF Family Partners

Daniel de Fernando
Daniel Gómez
José María Michavila
Javier Muguiro

With offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Geneva and Mexico City, MdF Family Partners is an independent firm, serving ultra-high net worth clients and families in their financial, wealth and family strategy consultancy needs. MdF advises and supports families in the fundamental process of dialogue and decision-making with financial institutions, custodians, depositaries, international managers and products, markets and segments. MdF imparts advice on the mission of a family’s wealth as well as monitoring its implementation; advising on fixed income, public or corporate debt, equity in any currency and market, in private equity, high yield, commodities, hedge funds or venture capital.

MdF Family Partners operates upon a model of financial services of independent advice without any conflict of interest, neither direct nor indirect, aligned only with the interests of the families for whom we work. Our remuneration comes exclusively from these families, our dedication towards them and the execution of our fully independent principles. Our team of more than 20 people in three different countries enables us to track all these products in diverse global markets and we will advise each family of the most appropriate strategy, time and interest.